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          elcome to the Hatzenbühler History Project. The goal and ultimate design behind the    
          Hatzenbühler History Project is to fill a historical void . . . that is, to research extensively           and document a reliable and accurate historical account of our family name, and to chronicle the significant historical events of the Hatzenbühler family. Additionally this Project will act as a repository for all genealogical information concerned with the Hatzenbühler ancestry and its tributary lineages. The crowning achievement of this vast undertaking will be to publish a exhaustive volume which will act as a keepsake for generations to come and be registered with the Library of Congress and the National Archives in the United States, as well as major archives in Europe, Scandanavia and Canada.

        he Hatzenbühler History Project has been an ongoing endeavor since October 1996 when         I began conducting extensive and indepth research into the history of the Hatzenbühler             families in Germany, the United States, Russia and Romania. This investigation has uncovered a boundless wealth of information gleaned from thousands of archive documents, books, manuscripts, public papers, pedigrees, church records, microfilms, civil registers, historical annals, military papers, lineage extractions, naturalization papers, memoirs and most importantly, Hatzenbühler decendants who have sent me an abundance of information about themselves and their family histories.

        he American essayist and poet James Russell Lowell (1819-1891), "Creativity is not the             finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found." Finding all the                 pieces is just one part of the equation, putting it into a comprehensive easy to read volume is the tough part. The published chapters of this book will cover a wide variety of historical subjects involving the Hatzenbühler family, and include dozens of personalities. The finished book is projected to be approximately 600 pages in length and will be published in hardbound edition. Several hundred photos have been submitted by Hatzenbühler family members from around the world. These photos will be presented in this book as well. To view some of the old photos appearing in this book and understand a basic outline of our family history click here.

        ow can you become involved in the Hatzenbühler History Project? If you are a decendant           of a Hatzenbühler your lineage can be included in the finished book. You are not required to have the surname Hatzenbühler at the present, only that you have the Hatzenbühler surname in your ancestry. This could be your father or mother, grand parents or great grand parents. It is worth noting here that although the original surname was spelled Hatzenbühler in Germany and still is, the name has undertaken multiple dozens of variations over the past 300 years. Today in the United States there are innumerable misspellings of the original surname. Here are just a few of them: Hatzenbuhler, Hatzenbuehler, Hatzenbihler, Hutzenbiler, Hatzenbeler, Hatzenbiler, Hatzenbiller, Hutsonpillar, Hatzenbeller, Hatzenpiller, Hatzenböller, Hotsinpiller, Hotsenpiller, Hotsenpillar, Hotsinpillar, Hatsenpiller, Hudsonpillar, Hutzenbieler, Hasenbuhler, Hasenböhler, Hatzenbehler and many others. 

        he final book will be published when a reasonable number of the family lines have been             collected, assessed and placed into a genealogical format. At this time, I have collected           approximately 65% of the family genealogy. I receive letters, emails, and even phone calls each day with genealogical information on the various Hatzenbühler families worldwide. If you or your family have not submitted your family genealogy please do so as soon as possible.
I wish to leave no related families out of this book, but it is a daunting task to track each and every person down. When you contact me please forward full names of individuals together with their dates and cities of birth, and marriage and death if it applies. For the most frequently asked questions I receive regarding this project please click here. I can also be emailed directly at You may contact me by mail by writing to: Jeffrey Hatzenbeller, 3640 Dunbar Knoll, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA 55443-1971. Finally, if you don't have access to email or you don't like to write please call me at: 763-424-5711.